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Read Surah Abasa Online-PDF Download

The 80th Chapter of Quran Kareem is called Surah Abasa (80). Quran Kareem contains 42 Ayat in it. Quran Kareem Para 30 is also known as Surah Abasa. Surah Abasa is also known as He frowned in English.

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Benefit of Read Surah Abasa

Surah Abasa, or Chapter 80 of the Quran, is a concise yet powerful chapter with numerous spiritual and practical benefits for Muslims. This Surah imparts profound wisdom and offers a source of guidance for believers. In this article, we will explore the significant benefits of reciting and reflecting upon Surah Abas.

Spiritual Reflection and Self-Improvement
Reciting Surah Abas can be a means of self-reflection and self-improvement. The chapter serves as a reminder to remain humble and avoid arrogance, which are qualities that can hinder spiritual growth. It encourages believers to assess their own conduct and strive for greater humility and sincerity in their actions.

Humility and Tawheed(Surah Abasa)

One of the key benefits of Surah is its emphasis on humility. It teaches us that even the most influential and powerful individuals must demonstrate humility in the presence of God. This humility, in turn, reinforces the concept of Taw heed, or the oneness of God, which is a fundamental belief in Islam. Recognizing God’s supreme authority and power fosters a sense of humility and dependence on Him.

Respecting the Marginalized

Surah Abasa teaches us to be compassionate and respectful toward marginalized and vulnerable members of society. The Prophet’s interaction with the blind man in this Surah serves as a powerful example of this principle. By demonstrating empathy and respect for those in need, we can strengthen our moral character and fulfill one of the fundamental teachings of Islam.

Guiding the Way

Surah Abasa reminds us that the primary role of prophets and messengers is to convey the message of God. By reciting this Surah, we are encouraged to recognize and accept the guidance provided by the Prophet Muhammad and previous messengers. This acceptance and understanding can lead to a stronger connection with the teachings of Islam.

Seeking Sincerity

Sincerity in one’s actions and intentions is a core element of Islamic faith. Surah Abasa encourages believers to prioritize sincerity in their worship and daily lives. It serves as a reminder to act with pure and genuine intentions, seeking God’s pleasure above all else.

Increased Patience and Perseverance
The lessons from Surah including the Prophet’s patience in the face of adversity, can inspire believers to exhibit similar patience and perseverance in their lives. By reciting this Surah and reflecting on its teachings, Muslims can find the strength to overcome challenges and maintain their commitment to their faith.


Surah Abasa is a valuable chapter in the Quran that provides a wealth of spiritual and practical benefits for Muslims. Its teachings emphasize humility, sincerity, respect for the marginalized, and the importance of following the guidance of the prophets. By incorporating these lessons into their daily lives and reciting Surah Abasa with understanding and reflection, Muslims can grow in their faith, character, and moral values, ultimately leading more fulfilling and righteous lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam.