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Read Surah Infitar Online-PDF Download

Surah Al-infitar is one of the 82 Surah’s in Quran Kareem. It has 19 ayat and is placed in Para 30. The English translation of this Surah is “The Cleaving”. You can get the full PDF of this Surah online from Maktaba Tul madinah. You can also practice this Surah online by downloading and saving the files to your device.

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Benefit of Surah Infitar

In the realm of Islamic spirituality, the Quran holds a special place as the ultimate source of guidance and solace. Among its many chapters, Surah Infitar, found in the 82nd position, carries profound significance. In this article, we will explore the immense benefits of reciting Surah Infitar, shedding light on its spiritual, emotional, and psychological impact.

Understanding Surah Infitar

This surah which translates to “The Cleaving” or “The Splitting Open,” is a short but potent chapter consisting of 19 verses. It deals with themes of resurrection, judgment day, and the consequences of one’s actions, emphasizing the power and omnipotence of Allah.

Spiritual Upliftment.

One of the primary benefits of reciting Surah Infitar is the profound spiritual upliftment it offers. It reminds believers of the afterlife, urging them to reflect on their deeds and seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

Emotional Healing

In times of emotional turmoil, reciting Surah Infitar can provide solace and comfort. The verses highlight Allah’s mercy, assuring believers that He is aware of their struggles and is ready to ease their burdens.

Protection from Evil

Surah Infitar is also believed to act as a shield against malevolent forces. Reciting it regularly can help protect one from the negative influences and intentions of others.

The Power of Consistency

To reap the full benefits of Surah Infitar, consistency in recitation is key. Whether it’s daily recitation or incorporating it into your nightly routine, maintaining this practice can lead to profound changes in one’s life.

Building a Connection with Allah

Consistently reciting fosters a stronger connection with Allah. It’s a way to converse with the divine, seeking guidance and blessings in every aspect of life.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

This surah can improve your focus and concentration. By reciting it with sincerity and devotion, you train your mind to be more disciplined and attentive in your daily tasks.

Morning Invocation

Start your day with this to seek Allah’s protection and blessings throughout the day.

Nightly Reflection

Recite surah before bed to reflect on your actions and seek forgiveness for any shortcomings.


In conclusion, this surah is a treasure trove of spiritual, emotional, and psychological benefits for those who engage with it regularly. It offers solace, protection, and a deeper connection with Allah. By incorporating this chapter into your daily life, you can experience its transformative power.