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Surah Nooh, also known as the 71st chapter of the Holy Quran, holds a prominent place in Islamic scripture. It is named after the Prophet Noah (Nuh in Arabic), and its verses recount his mission to guide his people towards monotheism and righteousness. The surah narrates the story of the great flood, which serves as a profound lesson about the consequences of disbelief and the importance of faith. It underscores the themes of prophethood, patience, and the ultimate power of God in shaping the destiny of humanity.

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Benefit of Surah Nooh


Surah Nooh, the 71st chapter of the Holy Quran, is a profound and instructive chapter that recounts the story of Prophet Noah (Nuh in Arabic). This surah serves as a reminder of the importance of faith, patience, and divine guidance in the face of adversity. In this article, we will explore the significance and key lessons that Surah Nooh imparts to believers and the broader community.

Story of Prophet Noah

Surah Nooh focuses on the life and mission of Prophet Noah, who was chosen by Allah to guide his people towards monotheism and righteousness. It recounts how Prophet Noah faced rejection and opposition from his people, who refused to abandon their idolatrous beliefs. Despite the challenges, Noah remained patient and unwavering in his devotion to Allah’s message.

Great Flood

One of the central elements of the story in Surah Nooh is the great flood, which serves as a divine punishment for the people’s disbelief and transgressions. This catastrophic event highlights the consequences of rejecting God’s guidance and the importance of heeding the warnings of His messengers.

Power of Patience

The story of Prophet Noah in Surah Nooh emphasizes the virtue of patience in the face of adversity. Despite the prolonged rejection and hostility he faced, Noah remained steadfast in his mission. This patience and resilience are valuable lessons for believers who may encounter challenges and opposition while striving to live in accordance with their faith.

Role of Divine Guidance

Surah Nooh underscores the pivotal role of divine guidance in the lives of believers. Prophet Noah’s mission was divinely appointed, and his unwavering commitment to it serves as a testament to the significance of following God’s guidance and obeying His commands.

Lessons in Obedience and Submission

The story of Noah and the flood teaches us the importance of obedience and submission to God’s will. Those who followed Noah and embarked on the Ark were spared from the deluge, highlighting the rewards of obedience and trust in God’s plan.

Universal Message

Surah Nooh, like other chapters of the Quran, conveys a universal message that extends beyond a specific time or place. It calls upon all of humanity to reflect on the consequences of disbelief and heed the guidance of God’s messengers. The story of Noah and the flood serves as a timeless reminder of the consequences of straying from the path of righteousness.

Modern Relevance

Surah Nooh remains relevant in the contemporary world, where faith is often tested by doubt and skepticism. It encourages individuals to reflect on the lessons of the past and reevaluate their own beliefs and actions. In a world marked by uncertainty, the surah offers guidance and hope through the enduring power of faith.


Surah Nooh is a chapter of profound significance within the Quran. Its narrative of Prophet Noah’s unwavering commitment to his mission, the consequences of disbelief, and the role of divine guidance serves as a source of inspiration and instruction for believers. The lessons drawn from this surah – of patience, obedience, and faith – are timeless and applicable in today’s world. As we navigate the challenges of life, Surah Nooh reminds us of the enduring power of faith and the consequences of rejecting God’s guidance