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Surah At-Tahrim, also known as “The Prohibition” or “The Banning,” is the 66th chapter of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. It is a relatively short surah and consists of 12 verses (ayat). Surah At-Tahrim is a part of the 28th Juz’ (section) of the Quran and is known for its profound teachings and guidance for Muslims.

Surah Tahrim PDF
Surah Tahrim PDF
Surah Tahrim PDF

Benefit of Surah Tahrim


Surah Tahrim, also known as “The Prohibition,” holds a special place in the Quran as the 66th chapter. This surah contains a wealth of wisdom and guidance for Muslims, addressing both personal and family matters. In this article, we will delve into the profound teachings of Surah Tahrim and understand its relevance in the lives of believers.

Significance of Surah Tahrim:

Surah Tahrim is part of the 28th Juz’ of the Quran and comprises 12 verses. Its central theme revolves around the personal and spiritual life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his wives. Specifically, it touches upon an incident involving his wives, Aisha and Hafsa, offering valuable lessons for Muslims.

Maintaining Family Harmony:

One of the key lessons from Surah Tahrim is the importance of maintaining harmony and respect within the family unit. The surah conveys the idea that no one, not even the Prophet, is exempt from their obligations and responsibilities to Allah and their family. It serves as a reminder of the need for integrity, honesty, and sincerity in all aspects of life.

Resisting Personal Desires:

Surah Tahrim emphasizes that believers should not allow their desires or personal interests to compromise their faith and the ethical values of Islam. The surah serves as a reminder to stay on the path of righteousness and to be conscious of one’s actions, knowing that they are ultimately accountable to Allah.

Lessons for Personal Conduct:

Surah Tahrim encourages believers to uphold the highest standards of personal conduct. It underscores the idea that adhering to one’s faith requires unwavering commitment, even in the face of personal challenges and temptations. This surah calls upon Muslims to be mindful of their actions and to make choices that align with their faith and values.

Responsibilities of the Prophet:

Surah Tahrim also sheds light on the unique responsibilities of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It shows that, as a messenger of Allah, he had a special duty to ensure that the message of Islam was conveyed accurately and without alteration. This underscores the importance of the preservation of the Quran and the integrity of the Prophetic mission.

Incorporating Surah Tahrim in Daily Life:

The teachings of Surah Tahrim are not limited to historical events but offer timeless guidance for Muslims in their daily lives. By studying and reflecting on this surah, believers can find inspiration to navigate personal and family challenges while upholding their faith and moral values.


Surah Tahrim, “The Prohibition,” is a chapter in the Quran that provides essential lessons for Muslims. It emphasizes the significance of maintaining family harmony, resisting personal desires, upholding personal conduct, and understanding the unique responsibilities of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. By incorporating the wisdom of this surah into their lives, believers can strive to live in accordance with their faith and moral values, even in the face of personal challenges and temptations. The guidance of Surah Tahrim serves as a reminder that faith and integrity should be unwavering in all aspects of life