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Read Surah Tariq Online PDF Download

Surah Tariq, also known as “The Morning Star” or “The Nightcomer,” is the 86th chapter of the Quran. It is a short but powerful surah that holds a special place in Islamic scripture due to its profound message and imagery. This surah, with its 17 verses, offers valuable insights into the universe, divine power, and the consequences of human deeds.

Read Surah Tariq Online PDF1

Read Surah Tariq Online PDF Download

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The Name and Meaning
The name “Tariq” is derived from the Arabic word “الطارق,” which means “The Morning Star” or “The Nightcomer.” In this surah, the term refers to the star that appears in the night sky and is often associated with the arrival of dawn.

The Cosmic Oath
Surah Tariq opens with a solemn oath, a common literary device in the Quran to capture the listener’s attention. It begins with the verse:Read Surah Tariq Online PDF Download

“By the sky and the night-comer (Al-Tariq).”

This oath emphasizes the magnificence of the cosmos and serves as a reminder of the Creator’s omnipotence. It draws our attention to the wonders of the night sky, encouraging reflection on the universe’s order and design.Read Surah Tariq Online PDF Download

The Creation of Humanity
The surah then shifts its focus to the creation of humanity:

“Does humanity believe that we will not gather their bones?”

This verse serves as a powerful reminder of the resurrection and the Day of Judgment. It conveys the idea that just as God created human beings from nothing, He can surely resurrect them after their physical bodies have turned to dust.

The Recording of Deeds
Surah Tariq continues with a description of how every individual’s deeds are closely monitored:

“Indeed, We have the power to restore his very fingertips.”

This verse signifies that not even the smallest deeds or actions of a person go unnoticed by the Divine. It underscores the concept of accountability for one’s actions in the Hereafter.

Consequences of Belief and Disbelief
The surah concludes with a striking contrast between the consequences of belief and disbelief:

Let mankind ponder over what he was made from; he was formed from a gushing fluid, originating between the spine and the chest.Read Surah Tariq Online PDF Download

This passage invites contemplation about the origins of human life and serves as a reminder of our humble beginnings. It encourages gratitude for the gift of life and underscores the importance of recognizing the Creator.

Conclusion: Reflection and Guidance
Surah Tariq, with its vivid imagery and profound themes, prompts believers to contemplate the universe, their own existence, and the consequences of their actions. It serves as a reminder of the Creator’s power and the ultimate accountability of human deeds.Read Surah Tariq Online PDF Download

In the darkness of the night, as the stars twinkle above, this surah calls upon us to seek the light of guidance and righteousness. It encourages us to reflect on our purpose in this vast universe and to be mindful of our actions, knowing that they are recorded and will ultimately determine our destiny in the Hereafter.